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VETERINARY Fingerbrush

Global Veterinary Products

  • $595

These are made of soft nylon and are designed to easily slip over the finger with a small hole at the top of the fingerbrush allowing air to escape as they are being fitted. The small soft nylon bristles are gentle on the teeth but help remove plaque and prevent calculus buildup.

If you find that the finger brush is a little tight, place it in a cup of hot water for a few seconds and then place it on the finger. The nylon will stretch to fit the finger.

By letting the animal get used to your finger being in and around the mouth area at an early age, brushing their teeth simply becomes an enjoyable part of their accepted routine. For smaller breeds, you may prefer to continue to use the finger brush as the animal get older. For large dogs, you will progress to the double ended toothbrush.

Size is approximately 45mm high and 22mm in diameter

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