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YOURS DROOLLY - Rope and Rubber Ball Tug

Yours Droolly

  • $695

Yours Droolly Rubber Rope Ball Tug

Yours Droolly have changed up the game of tug with their new Rubber Rope Ball Tug. If you love playing tug of war with your furry friend, why not treat them to something different with this excellent contraption.

With the Rope Ball on one end and a sturdy loop on the other, this makes for a great tug toy and is nice and tough so you won't be throwing it out any time soon. Even the strongest of dogs are no match for this toy, it won't fray or unravel during first play. It can handle two dogs tugging at the same time, as well as a riled up terrier who likes to shake and throw their toys instead of playing traditional tug.

Not only does it feel fun to play with, it looks fun too! You can't go past these great colours if you want to make every play time exciting.

Always supervise your dog during play time. 

6cm, 8cm, 9.5cm


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