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Pets Rock Mr T Notebook

Pets Rock Mr T Notebook

Outliving - Pets Rock

  • $995

Glance quickly at the Mr. T Small Notebook from the Pets Rock range and all you'll see is the jive-talking, butt-kicking tough guy from the A-Team, but look again - beneath the black mohawk, layers of gold chains and camouflage clothing hides a household pet who pities the fool who doesn't take him for a walk at precisely the time he's ready to rumble. He's so convincing we don't even think he'd flinch if the paparazzi chased him down and started snapping away!

The Mr. T Small Notebook features a full colour photo print on the hard cover, with 184 lightly ruled pages inside and sewn binding to ensure it withstands regular use on the run. There's a personal data page at the front and sturdy inner pocket at the rear for document and business card storage, with ribbon bookmark, elastic band closure to keep you secure, and a built-in pen holder so you're ready to write every time you reach for it.

For writers, dreamers, to-do list makers, and hardcore fans of the superstar animal in question.


Size: Small Notebook - 10 x 15 x 1 cm

Colour: Grey & Gold