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Bringing happiness to all dogs


Best in class services. Pet food & products with integrity. Connecting our community.








At Paws of Fun, we prioritise the health and well-being of your dog. All of our services promote active habits towards a healthy lifestyle. We offer a dedicated daycare in a safe and supervised environment, convenient, full-service grooming and obedience courses taught by nationally recognised trainers.

We also provide specialised services such as pet massage therapy and pet photography. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our services. Whatever your need is, we are here to serve you. Visit our store to find the perfect service for your dog.


We understand dogs are more than just pets, they are family. That’s why we’re committed to providing, even the most discerning pet owners, with a full range of wholesome, organic food lines as well as a wide selection of safe and eco-friendly toys, treats, training tools, grooming products, and services.

We carry only what we would feed our own dogs! Our knowledgeable staff are available to help you find the right products specific to your dogs’ needs.




We recognise that connection is the key to happiness. Visit our Facebook page and learn about ways that your whole family can get involved. Check out our calendar for monthly happy hour, seasonal events, and adoption days. Visit our blog and learn about our community parks and DIY fun with your dog.

Our passion extends beyond our stores. We’re committed to fostering social awareness of better canine care practices and humane animal treatment through our philanthropic and community involvement. We look forward to seeing you and your pup, and welcoming you into our community.





My dream is to re-define what you know of 'dog brands' and

create something that's better for all dogs everywhere.






A dog owner named Stephanie found herself utterly frustrated trying to find the perfect products and services for her fur-kids, TomTom and Max.

I wanted what we all want for our loved ones, something safe, eco-friendly, wholesome, convenient but at the same time beautiful.

Every doggy deserves the best…so Stephanie searched the land, but couldn't find anything that met her doggy standards.


My hope is to create a place that brings together all the qualities I have long dreamed about in a pet lifestyle brand.

  • Inspiring & beautiful designs
  • Dependable and sustainable products
  • Extraordinary service

All wrapped up in a passion for social goodness, tied with a bow of honesty and sprinkled with a little bit of cheeky fun.                                                                                  





Don't try to be original, just try to be good.

- Paul Rand




- Our team -