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Wildebeest All Weather Jacket | Turquoise


  • $2900

Dog won't walk in bad weather? Not a fan of wet dogs?
Keep your beest dry & comfy with this sleek All Weather Jacket. :)

● Water / Wind-proof shell is lightweight & breathable.
● Microfleece lining insulates warmth.
● Stretchy fabric & durable belly strap provides comfort & adjustability.
● Letterman jacket style striped collar for that sporty sharp look.
● Use anti-leak opening for attaching leash to harness below.
● Use built-in D-ring* optionally to attach leash directly to jacket.

Made in San Francisco / Bay Area.

Sizes: Length:neck to tail x Width:around the chest (suggested weight)
XS: 25cm x 38-45cm (3-6 kgs)
S:   33cm x 45-56cm (6-9 kgs)
M:  40cm x 53-66cm (9-13 kgs)


* Do not assume 100% reliability with this D-ring. If you have a strong, heavy pet that pulls, we recommend using this product WITH your primary method of attachment - collar or harness.

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