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Flea Treatment - Dog - Advantix


  • $4995

We understand the danger of Paralysis ticks

We know you’d never forgive yourself if a Paralysis tick hurt your precious dogs. That’s why Advantix is specially formulated with super ingredients to protect dogs from irritating biting insects and ticks – including the deadly Australian Paralysis tick.

Parasite protection for total peace of mind

When applied as directed – every fortnight – Advantix provides the best tick control, reducing the worry of ticks because of its unique repellency effect. Advantix also stops fleas, lice and biting insects from harming dogs like Pugs, Poodles and Labradors.

With its easy-to-use spot-on application, Advantix is safe for all dog breeds – from Chihuahuas and Golden Retrievers to Rottweilers and German Shepherds – so you can rest assured your furry friend won’t have to suffer.

We understand fleas cause your dog and family distress

Insect bites make dogs itch and suffer just like people. But just because they’re unavoidable, it doesn’t mean they’re untreatable.
Thanks to its fast and effective flea kill, Advantix wastes no time in creating a flea-free home. With monthly use, Advantix stops fleas from biting within 3 to 5 minutes2 and kills adult fleas and their larvae within 20 minutes of contact3
Unlike other treatments, Advantix kills fleas in your dog’s surroundings as well as your own; and because it breaks the flea lifecycle, it provides all-round flea control – so it’s the only product you need to use.

Advantix kills and repels biting insects

From Maltese Terriers to Beagles and Greyhounds, Advantix kills and repels Stable flies, Sandflies and the mosquitoes responsible for heartworm. What’s more, Advantix is waterproof so it keeps working on all dog breeds like like Staffys, Bulldogs and King Charles Spaniels even after rain, swimming or shampooing.

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